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Intelligent Information Systems project : ÏNFÏNÏTY

Ïnfïnïty is the industry's first privacy-preserving, data sharing middleware for mobile devices, including cell phones, PDAs and portable computing devices. Ïnfïnïty will enable those heterogeneous devices, regardless of their operating systems, hardware or makers, to share information and access the network via various communications modes, including device-to-device direct communications, not through central servers. We have implemented a prototype system and two application scenarios (evacuation routing and restaurant recommendation) that demonstrate the Ïnfïnïty concept.

Ïnfïnïty has three key advantages/benefits:

  • With device-to-device direct communications, it will provide people with limitless amounts of data that were previously inaccessible or unavailable.

  • The Ïnfïnïty middleware platform will help programmers to develop applications for a variety of mobile devices more easily. Today, a variety of mobile OS offer many different programming environments and interfaces. Applications must be custom-tailored for each platform. Diverse data types, database software and connection hardware also make broad-spectrum mobile device integration difficult. Ïnfïnïty will improve cross-platform integration and communication for mobile applications.

  • It will help the Internet to shift from today s "network of pages" to a "network of data sources" for the future. It will enable access to the world s highly distributed data sources. It will provide a middleware framework for linking heterogeneous mobile devices into

Team: Rakesh Agrawal, Alvin Cheung, Tyrone Grandison, Christopher Johnson, Karin Murthy, Stefan Schönauer




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