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Theseos Technology

Intelligent Information Systems project : Theseos Technology

Our work focuses on enabling Data Traceability in a distributed RFID network, which has resulted in the development of Theseos technology. It provides a query engine that enables information retrieval for objects whose information is distributed across RFID repositories of independent organizations. This includes recursive queries across multiple RFID nodes.

The new standard for defining RFID nodes is embodied in the EPCIS (Electronic Product Code Information System) specification documents commissioned by EPCglobal. We have implemented two techniques to track object movement through an RFID network. The "centralized" approach is similar to the architecture proposed by EPCglobal, where an external authority contains information about the creator and other organizations an object has passed through. We also developed an approach where each organization stores additional information about where it received objects from and where it sent objects to. This approach is not dependent on any central tracing service.

To demonstrate the feasibility of the technology, we have set up the data repository and application server infrastructure for a drug pedigree document generation and a targeted product recall application. We have demonstrated that data confidentiality concerns can be addressed using Hipprocatic Database technology.

In the course of our research, we have developed an RFID Traceability Data Generator, which can be used to construct an RFID network for research and testing purposes. Data for an EPCglobal-style tracing service as well as for our distributed approach or for a data warehouse can be generated.

Team: Rakesh Agrawal, Alvin Cheung, Tyrone Grandison, Karin Murthy, Ralf Rantzau, Stefan Schönauer



  • Product Freshness Demo - showcases Theseos and Discovery Services technology (download provided on alphaWorks)


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