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Information Zipping Optimizer


IZO is a novel large-window compression tool inspired by data deduplication algorithms, which provides significantly faster and better compression than existing large-window compression tools. Data deduplication is well suited for very large data sets that contain redundancies, such as backups, virtual machine images, and code versions.

Three specific applications of the tool are:

  • Deep freeze - compressing multiple VMs for archival
  • VM distribution - creating small patch files between incremental versions of a VM
  • Backup - creating incremental backups of VM image

For a full explanation of the tool, see here

Team Members:Mark A. Smith, Jan Pieper, Daniel Gruhl

Main Publication

Mark A. Smith, Jan Pieper, Daniel Gruhl, and Lucas Villa Real. Pp. 121–132 of the Proceedings of the 22nd Large Installation System Administration Conference (LISA '08). San Diego, CA: USENIX Association, November 9–14, 2008.

Related Publications

  • Cornel Constantinescu, Jan Pieper, Tiancheng Li: Block Size Optimization in Deduplication Systems. DCC 2009: 442
  • NagaPramod Mandagere, Pin Zhou, Mark A. Smith, Sandeep Uttamchandani: Demystifying data deduplication. Middleware (Companion) 2008: 12-17.
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