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Trusted Java Virtual Machine

Computer Science


The Trusted JVM is a project focused on making software tamper resistance capabilities available to Java applications.

Software tamper resistance refers to a set of software based tools and mechanisms which are designed to ensure the integrity, authenticity and confidentiality of code. Software tamper resistance is a typical requirement for content protection client applications who need to manage decryption keys and implement usage constraints in a disconnected environment.

The Trusted JVM is designed to provide an execution environment for OMA clients, 4C applications or other content protection standards. The Trusted JVM provides these capabilities with two extensions to the standard Java interfaces and the OSGi layer:

  • A Trusted Dictionary provides secure local storage which can be tied to a particular machine and protected against rollback.
  • A Trusted Bundle is an OSGi bundle containing encrypted and/or signed class files.

Trusted Java Virtual Machine Image

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