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Lifeboat is a set of technologies that make it easy to get a PC up and running after a system problem. Lifeboat goes beyond the traditional Backup-and-Restore paradigm, by offering a pre-boot system with enough functionality to let a user get work done BEFORE the system is restored, and then providing a mechanism for "bare metal" restore from a CD, the network, or even a USB key. From its pre-boot environment, Lifeboat allows users to access files from the disk (if it is still functional) and from the network via a web browser. Using the web browser, users can also access email, and can often rebuild their system without desk-side assistance (one study showed an 85% reduction in help desk calls).

IBM Research demonstrated a Linux-based Lifeboat system, and helped IBM’s PC division quickly get the concept into a product called Rescue & Recovery.

Further information about the LifeBoat project can be found at:

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