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 Connected Problems

Although we often illustrate the OptimalGrid middleware with a 2D or 3D spatial problem (like a finite element model or cellular automata problem, such as the figures to the right), it is not limited to only spatial problems. OptimalGrid can handle just about any connected problem (and, of course, all unconnected problems as well).

Take the figure at the right. This simple "game of life" simulation, using the Eden Model (a 2D petri dish with three bacteria, where:

  • (A)[purple] eats (B)[red]
  • (B)[red] eats (C)[yellow]
  • (C)[yellow] eats (A)[purple]

In this preditor/prey model, each computation (the calculation of the state of an individual cell) is tied to its neighbors. Transitively, each cell is related to every other cell in the problem, though only directly affected by its immediate neighbors.

It should be clear that in the second figure (one time slice, four computers), that the inside edges of one section need to be communicated to the neighboring computer in order for it to properly compute the value of the cells.

Eden Model Simulation

One Machine, four time slices

Eden Model Simulation

Four Machines, one time slice

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