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 Developer Resources

Welcome to the OptimalGrid Developer's Page! We've been waiting for you. Up until now, we've built a few OptimalGrid applications ourselves, and we've worked with a few partners to build a few more, but now we're ready to work with external folks on building larger, impressive applications that can really exploit the power of OptimalGrid.

  1. The first thing you'll want to read is the overview article on OptimalGrid.
  2. Next, you'll want to read the OptimalGrid Tutorial. (Yes, you have to register with developerWorks to read the tutorial, but it's worth it.)
  3. While you're there, reading the tutorial, check out the other interesting stuff on the AlphaWorks OptimalGrid Page.
  4. Be sure to read the Administrative Guide. That will tell you all sorts of useful things regarding the care and feeding of OptimalGrid.
  5. Check the project FAQ (frequently asked questions) for any quirky problems. It's nice to be forewarned about odd things that might happen.
  6. Download the OptimalGrid Package (press the "Download Now" button on the AlphaWorks OptimalGrid Page).
  7. Enjoy reading the registration forms and license agreement, then please fill in the forms and accept the evaluation license. Accepting the license will start the download.

Now that you have the package, try running the example shown in the tutorial.

We've included the JavaDoc for the entire OptimalGrid project, even though regular users will not have access to the majority of the methods and classes shown here. The full JavaDoc is included mainly for your interest.

We're anxious to hear from you. We'd love to run more problems on our in-house 70 node cluster, and we'd love to run some larger configurations (say, 500 nodes), assuming we can collect the resources in the IBM intranet (or elsewhere) to do it.

Please pardon our slight attempt at "encrypting" the email addresses to prevent the automatic spam address gatherers from grabbing our email addresses and giving us even more spam:

  • kaufman at almaden . ibm . com (James Kaufman)
  • toby at almaden . ibm . com (Toby Lehman)
  • glenn at almaden . ibm . com (Glenn Deen)
  • jthomas at cruzio . com (John Thomas)
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