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IBM Research

IBM Research - Almaden

Signature Verification for Retail and Banking


Forgers try to mimic the look of a signature. IBM Research has developed software that examines how person signs, the "dance of the pen", which is much harder to forge. Our Dynamic Signature Verification (DSV) technology uses conventional signature captures devices and has applications in Retail, Banking, Medical, Insurance, and the Public Sector. One application called "Sign and Go", under evaluation by a major retailer, uses our DSV technology to enable customers to make purchases with just a phone number and signature, providing security and convenience for the customer and retailer.

Key characteristics of the technology include:

  • Biometric verification using signature dynamics with accuracy approaching that of fingerprint, with greater social acceptance
  • Improved customer convenience and security
  • Uses conventional signature capture hardware
  • Adaptive to signature changes over time
  • Explicit or behind the scenes “silent” enrollment
  • Reduced transaction costs, defeats identity thieves, better customer intelligence

Signature Verification for Retail and Banking Image

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