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 Papers and Patents
The list below contains recent papers and patents for the Trevi team.

2003 Papers

  1. Efficient Query Evaluation using a Two-Level Retrieval Process, A. Broder, D. Carmel, M. Herscovici, A. Soffer, and J. Zien, CIKM 2003.
  2. Untangling Compound Documents on the Web, N. Eiron and K. McCurley, HyperText 2003.
  3. Streaming XPath Processing with Forward and Backward Axes, C. Barton, P. Charles, M. F. Fontoura, D. Goyal, V. Josifovski, and M. Raghavachari, ICDE 2003.
  4. Using Refactoring and Unification Rules to Assist Framework Evolution, M. Cortes, M. F. Fontoura, and C. Lucena, Software Engineering Notes 2003.
  5. Analysis of Anchor Text for Web Search, N. Eiron and K. McCurley, SIGIR 2003.
  6. Topic Distillation using Query-Sensitive Tuning and Cohesiveness Filtering, E. Amitay, D. Carmel, A. Darlow, M. Herscovici, R. Kraft, and J. Zien, TREC 2003.
  7. Make it Fresh, Make it Quick - Searching a Network of Personal Webservers, M. Bawa, R. Bayaardo, S. Rajagopalan, and E. Shekita, WWW 2003.
  8. A Case for Automated Large Scale Semantic Annotation, S. Fill, N. Eiron, D. Gibson, D. Gruhl, R. Guha, A. Jhingran, T. Kanungo, K. McCurley, S. Rajagopalan, A. Tomkins, J. Tomlin, and J. Zen, WWW 2003.
  9. TSpaces Services Suite: Automating the Development and Management of Web Services, M. F. Fontoura, T. Lehman, D. Nelson, T. Truong, and Y. Xiong, WWW 2003.
  10. Mining Newsgroups Using Networks Arising From Social Behavior, R. Agrawal, S. Rajagopalan, R. Srikant, and Y Xu, WWW 2003.

2004 Papers

  1. Virtual Cursors for XML Joins, B. Yang, M. F. Fontoura, E. Shekita, S. Rajagopalan, and K. Beyer, CIKM 2004.
  2. On the Streaming Model Augmented with a Sorting Primitive, G. Aggarwal, M. Datar, S. Rajagopalan, and M. Ruhl, FOCS 2004.
  3. Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Auctions, M. F. Fontoura, M. Ionesu, N. Minsky, JECR 2004.
  4. On the Memory Requirements of XPath Evaluation over XML Streams, Z. Bar-Yossef, M. F. Fontoura, and V. Josifovski, PODS 2004.
  5. High Performance Index Build Algorithms for Intranet Search Engines, M. F. Fontoura, A. Neumann, S. Rajagopalan, E. Shekita, and J. Zien, VLDB 2004.
  6. Querying XML Steams, V. Josifovski, M. F. Fontoura, and A. Barta, VLDBJ 2004.
  7. Mining Anchor Text for Query Refinement, R. Kraft and J. Zien, WWW 2004.
  8. Ranking the Web Frontier, N. Eiron, K. McCurley, and J. Tomlin, WWW 2004.
  9. Links in Hierarchical Information Networks, N. Eiron and K. McCurley, Proc. of the Third International Workshop on Algorithms and Models for the Web Graph, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2004.

2005 Papers

  1. Efficient Inverted Lists and Query Algorithms for Structured Value Ranking in Update-Intensive Relational Databases, L. Guo, J. Shanmugasundaram, K. Beyer, and E. Shekita, ICDE 2005.


  1. Inverted Index Support For Parametric Search, M. F. Fontoura, R. Lempel, R. Qi, J. Zien, filed 1/26/04.
  2. Method, System and Program for Handling redirects in a Search Engine, M. F. Fontoura, A. Neumann, Eugine Shekita, R. Qi, filed 1/26/04.
  3. Method, System and Program for Handling Anchor Text, R. Kraft, A. Neumann, filed 1/26/04.
  4. Architecture for an Indexer, M. F. Fontoura, A. Nemann, S. Rajagopdar, J. Zien, filed 1/26/04.
  5. Pipelined Architecture for Global Analysis and Index Building, M. F. Fontoura, R. Kraft, T. Leung, J. McPherson, A. Neumann, R. Qi, S. Rajagopalan, E. Shekita, J. Zien, filed 1/26/04.
  6. Using hierarchical structure in ranking, N. Eiron, K. McCurley, J. Tomlin, filed 5/1/04.
  7. Ranking the Web Frontier, N. Eiron, K. McCurley, J. Tomlin, filed 5/1/04.
  8. A Generic Architecture for Indexing Document Groups in an Inverted Text Index, A. Z. Broder, M. F. Fontoura, M. Herscovici, R. Lempel, J. McPherson, A. Neumann, R. Qi, E. Shekita, rated file.
  9. Incremental Indexing with Multi-level Deltas, N. Eiron, E. Shekita, J. Zien, submitted.
  10. Efficient Indexing of Email and Newsgroup Thread Sets, A. Z. Broder, M. F. Fontoura, M. Herscovici, R. Lempel, J. McPherson, submitted.
  11. A Method to Enhance Performance of Approximate Statistic Evaluation on Large Dictionaries, Peter Altevogt, M. F. Fontoura, Silvio Wiedrich, J. Zien, submitted.
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