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xCP and Broadcast Encryption - Integrating Collaborative Work and Business Processes


Broadcast Encryption is a cryptographic key management technology for a one-way communication channel. It allows the exclusion of one or more of the receivers by modifying the key management block that is part of the encrypted transmission.

Broadcast encryption has first been used for copy protection as part of the 4C standard which defines the content protection technology for media such as DVD-Audio or SD-Cards.

IBM has developed a highly efficient broadcast encryption algorithm called NNL. NNL uses a very optimized representation of the revocation information. An NNL key management block rivals a PKI certificate revocation list in size.

Based on NNL, we are working on a flexible content protection architecture called xCP.

  • xCP Media protects entertainment content on prerecorded and recordable media, such as the next generation optical disks.
  • xCP Home Network protects entertainment content within a home network, independently of the storage medium or transmission technology used.

xCP and Broadcast Encryption Image

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