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Quest Data Mining Links & Information

IBM Intelligent Miner:

IBM Intelligent Miner for Data

Video and image clips from IBM Data Mining T.V. Ad

More press coverage on Quest technologies:

InfoWorld, December 4, 1999 - Intelligent Miner reveals corporate gems

PC Week, July 21, 1998 mentions Exceptions(deviation detection) in OLAP data

InfoWorld Electric July 20, 1998 and July 27, 1998 talk about extending the IBM OLAP server with our Deviation detection technology.

IBM Data Mining Resources:

Business Intelligence Solutions
Our colleagues offering data mining consultancy and services.

Data Abstraction Research Group
Our colleagues in IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center.

IBM European Center for Applied Mathematics
Our colleagues in France.

Data Mining: Extending the Information Warehouse Framework
IBM White Paper on Data Mining.

Other Data Mining Resources:

The Data Mine
Pointers to other data mining sites.

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