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Visualization of Associations


2-D Visualization of 2-item Rules

The figure below is a visualization of a set of association rules with exactly one item in the head and one in the body. (The item labels are not shown in this picture). The different colors denote difference confidence levels. The user could have the color dentoe the support instead.

Visualization of a set of association rules

3-D Visualization of 2-item Rules

This figure runs off a similar data set, but the height of the bars denotes the confidence, while the color denotes the support. The vertical plane can be moved by the user to partially hide all rules whose confidence is below a certain threshold. The user can also have the height show the support and the color the confidence.

3-D Visualization of 2-item rules

3-D Visualization of 3-item Rules

This figure visualizes rules with two items in the body and one in the head. You can click on the image to get a full-size version. The bottom plane shows 2-item rules as boxes, similar to the first figure. The center boxes show 3-item rules. Users can "fly" through this space to explore clusters, or click on a box to highlight all rules containing any of the items in that box.

3-D Visualization of 3-item Rules

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