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Storage Patents
Issued Patent Name Inventor(s)
1-Sept, 1998 5802344 Dynamic Segments, Empty Segment Definition and Opportunistic Garbage Collection in LSA Menon and Mattson
25-Aug, 1998 5799324 System and method for management of persistent data in a log-structured disk array McNutt, Menon, Smith
21-July, 1998 5784698 Dynamic memory allocation that enables efficient use of buffer pool memory segments Brady, Finney, Hartung, Ko, Mendelsohn, Menon, Nowlen
26-May, 1998 5758050 Reconfigurable data storage system Cohn, Mattson, Menon
31-March, 1998 5734861 Log-structured disk array with garbage collection regrouping of tracks to preserve seek affinity Cohn, Mattson, Menon
26-Mar, 1998 5758118 Methods and data storage devices for RAID expansion by on-line addition of new DASDs Choy, Menon
10-Mar, 1998 5727144 Failure prediction for disk arrays Brady, Menon
10-Feb, 1998 5717862 Method and system for message status reporting in a multi-node network Annapareddy, Brady, Finney, Freitas, Ko, Rayfield
7-Oct, 1997 5675736 Multi-node network with internode switching performed within processor nodes, each node separately processing data and control messages Brady, Finney, Hartung, Hunter, Ko, Lang, Mendelsohn, Menon, Nowlen
23-Sept, 1997 5671390 Log structured array storage subsystem using LSA directory and LSA sub-directory stored in different storage media Brady, Johnson, Lui, Menon, Tzou
23-Sept, 1997 5671403 Iterative dynamic programming system for query optimization with bounded complexity Shekita, Young
9-Sept, 1997 5666114 Method and means for managing linear mapped address spaces storing compressed data at the storage subsystem control unit or device level Brodie, Cheng, Garibay, Menon, Ng, Nguyen
12-Aug, 1997 5657439 Distributed subsystem sparing Jones, Menon
15-July, 1997 5649185 Method and means for providing access to a library of digitized documents and images Antognini, Cubert, Gladney, Hildebrand, Jr., Horne, Schmiedeskamp
22-April, 1997 5623608 Method and apparatus for adaptive circular predictive buffer management Ng
26-Nov, 1996 5579475 Method and means for encoding and rebuilding the data contents of up to two unavailable DASDS in a DASD array using simple non-recursive diagonal and row parity Blaum, Brady, Bruck, Menon
19-Nov, 1996 5577211 System and method using chained structure queues for ordering of message delivery between connected nodes wherein unsuccessful message portion is skipped and retried Annapareddy, Brady, Finney, Freitas, Hartung, Ko, Mendelsohn, Menon, Nowlen, Tzou
12-Nov, 1996 5574882 System and method for identifying inconsistent parity in an array of storage Menon, Wyllie, Riegel
15-Oct, 1996 5566317 Method and apparatus for computer disk drive management Treiber, Haswell, Ng, Yamaguchi
27-Aug, 1996 5551003 System for managing log structured array (LSA) of DASDS by managing segment space availability and reclaiming regions of segments using garbage collection procedure Mattson, Menon
6-Aug, 1996 5544322 System and method for policy-based inter-realm authentication within a distributed processing system Cheng, Luan
30-July, 1996 5542066 Destaging modified data blocks from cache memory Mattson, Menon
9-April, 1996 5506979 Method and means for execution of commands accessing variable length records stored on fixed block formatted DASDS of an N+2 DASD synchronous array Menon
30-Jan, 1996 5488701 In log sparing for log structured arrays Brady, Menon
16-Jan, 1996 5485571 Method and apparatus for providing distributed sparing with uniform workload distribution in failures Menon
17-Oct, 1995 5459853 Efficient variable-block data storage system employing a staggered fixed-block-architecture array Best, Hetzler, Hoyt, Menon, Mitoma
23-May, 1995 5418921 Method and means for fast writing data to LRU cached based DASD arrays under diverse fault tolerant modes Cortney, Menon
16-May, 1995 5416915 Method and system for minimizing seek affinity and enhancing write sensitivity in a DASD array Mattson, Menon
2-May, 1995 5412661 Two-dimensional disk array Hao, Ng
22-Aug, 1995 5444719 Adjustable error-correction composite Reed-Solomon encoder/syndrome generator Cox, Fettweis, Hassner, Schwiegelshohn
20-Dec, 1994 5375128 Fast updating of DASD arrays using selective shadow writing of parity and data blocks, tracks, or cylinders Menon, Kasson
23-Aug, 1994 5341351 Method and means for optimally accessing data residing on dual actuator DASDs Ng
5-April, 1994 5301304 Emulating records in one record format in another record format Menon
5-April, 1994 5301297 Method and means for managing RAID 5 DASD arrays having RAID DASD arrays as logical devices thereof Menon, Wood, Jr.
1-Feb, 1994 5283884 CKD channel with predictive track table Menon, Lindley, Shomler
11-Jan, 1994 5278838 Recovery from errors in a redundant array of disk drives Ng, Palmer, Thompson
14-Dec, 1993 5271012 Method and means for encoding and rebuilding data contents of up to two unavailable DASDs in an array of DASDs Blaum, Menon, Hao and Mattson
23-Nov, 1993 5265098 Method and means for managing DASD array accesses when operating in degraded mode Mattson, Ng
16-Nov, 1993 5263145 Method and means for accessing DASD arrays with tuned data transfer rate and concurrency Brady, Cintron, Goldstein, Wang Ju, Menon
2-Nov, 1993 5258984 Method and means for distributed sparing in DASD arrays Menon, Mattson, Ng
26-Oct, 1993 5257362 Method and means for ensuring single pass small read/write access to variable length records stored on selected DASDs in a DASD array Menon
19-Oct, 1993 5255216 Reduced hardware look up table multiplier Blanz, Cox
13-April, 1993 5202799 Logical data tracks extending among a plurality of zones of physical tracks of one or more disk devices Hetzler, Menon, Mitoma
8-Sept, 1992 5146590 Method for sorting using approximate key distribution in a distributed system Lorie, Young
22-Oct, 1991 5060142 System which matches a received sequence of channel commands to sequence defining rules for predictively optimizing peripheral subsystem operations Menon, Woo

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