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University Collaborations

Our research extends beyond the boundaries of our labs. We work with our colleagues in university labs and regularly publish papers with them. We also foster collaborative relationships through Fellowships, grants, and shared research programs.

Featured Collaborations

Uncertain Data (2009)
Peter Haas, University of Florida, and Rice University
Peter worked with Professor Chris Jermaine, formerly of the University of Florida and now at Rice University, to develop a framework for dealing with uncertain data. Their solution came in the form of the Monte Carlo Database (MCDB), a system capable of handling complex and unforeseen types of uncertainty. It was introduced at the SIGMOD Conference in 2008, and continues to be refined.

Social Accessibility (2009)
CoScripter research group and SUNY Stony Brook
We collaborated with SUNY Stony Brook and IBM's own Tokyo Research Labs to study social accessibility, with the goal of improving the usability and performance of CoScripter.

Collaboration Analysis and Visualization (2009)
Jeffrey Pierce and Stanford University
We awarded a faculty grant to Jeff Heer of Stanford University to conduct joint research in the areas of collaboration analysis and visualization.

More Collaborations

University Faculty at IBM

  • Professor Hayit Greenspan, Tel Aviv University (2009)
  • Professor Jimmy Lin, University of Maryland (2009)
  • Professor Felix Naumann, Hassno-Plattner Institute (2008-2009)
  • Professor Wang-Chiew Tan, UC Santa Cruz (2008-2009)
  • Professor Chen Li, UC Irvine (2008)
  • Professor Raghu Ramakrishnan, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2008)
  • Professor Yannis Velegrakis, University of Trento (2007)
  • Professor Cathy Wyss, Indiana University (2006)
  • Professor Stefan Dessloch, University of Kaiserslautern (2006)
  • Professor Alvaro, University of Manchester (2006)
  • Professor Norman Paton, University of Manchester (2005)
  • Professor K. Selcuk Candan, Arizona State University (2004)

IBM Researchers at Universities

Jeffrey Nichols at University of California – Berkeley (2009)
Jeffrey Nichols co-taught CS 160: User Interfaces with Assistant Professor Maneesh Agrawala at UC Berkeley. The course teaches students design techniques, and requires them to develop specific applications based on the needs of a user. In this case, the project dealt with designing games with a social purpose.

Peter Haas at Stanford University (2006)
Peter Haas is currently a Consulting Associate Professor in the Department of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford. He has been teaching an annual graduate course on Computer Simulation for the past eight years. He also pursues joint research with Prof. Peter Glynn on modeling and simulation of discrete-event stochastic systems, as well as on methods for failure prediction in complex software systems.

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