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This graphical form is used to define the searcher's initial query. Instead of the confusing AND, OR, and NOT operators we have boxes into which search terms are put. This method also dispenses with parentheses and operator-precedence rules. The idea is to put each of your search terms in a separate box. Synonomous terms are included in the same box.

For example, suppose a searcher wishes to find articles which compare the OS/2 (tm) operating system to Windows NT (tm). The searcher may guess that good search terms would be OS/2 and NT. The above dialog shows how this query would be entered. Synonyms for the terms could also be included. "Synonym" is best defined in this context as "may be substituted for". Consider the case of a searcher who thinks of Windows NT and Chicago as essentially the same product for the purposes of this query. Then the term Chicago could also be placed in the same box as NT.

The "Avoid" checkbox can be marked to indicate that the words in the associated box should not appear in documents which satisfy the query. Documents which contain any of those search terms would then not be selected.

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