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 FIRE -- Viewing Found Documents


  After the initial query has been run, the search engine produces a list of hits. These hits are called the "Found Documents" and are displayed for the searcher.
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        <td>The searcher may then look through these documents
        just as she normally would. The only new aspect is that
        after viewing each document, she may indicate whether the
        document is "relevant" or "trash": <p>This
        indication puts the document in the trash bin or moves it
        over to the "Relevant Documents" list for easy
        reference. These searcher indications along with the
        document text provides the FIRE engine with the data it
        needs to provide query refinement help. </p>
        <p>In our example, the searcher quickly discovers that
        there are two distinct classes of documents which have
        been retrieved by this query. One is the desired set:
        reviews which compare OS/2 and Windows NT. The other is
        an unexpected result: software product announcements
        which indicate that the product runs under both OS/2 and
        Windows NT. These announcements clearly meet the original
        query but do not provide the desired information. </p>
        <p>With a traditional information system, it is left to
        the searcher to determine a suitable modification to the
        query which will eliminate the undesired documents while
        keeping the relevant ones. In this case, it is not clear
        as to how to modify the query. Terms like <em>announcement </em>and <em>review</em>
        do not necessarily appear in documents of those types.
        What should we do? </p>
        <p>With FIRE, all the searcher needs to do is to indicate
        her satisfaction with a few of the found documents and
        then the FIRE engine will provide search term
        suggestions. </p>
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