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The Problem

How much time and frustration do you spend trying to find your mouse pointer amidst the pile of windows on your screen? If you use a passive LCD display, you are sure to suffer from "pointer submarining" where it fades to oblivion whenever you move your mouse.

The Solution

Comet Cursor, included with OS/2 Warp, provides a superior solution to the disappearing pointer problem. Conventional mouse trails are strings of slow-fading copies of the pointer icon which make the pointer more visible, but also add to the screen clutter. Comet Cursor provides an unobtrusive comet tail which trails off behind your mouse pointer. When moving slowly, the tail is small. But it grows into a large visible tail when moving rapidly across the screen to provide a pronounced visual effect.

To use Comet Cursor under OS/2 Warp, simply go to the System Setup folder (accessible by right-clicking on the desktop). Then double-click on the Mouse icon, turn to the Comet Cursor notebook page, and click Comet Cursor On. You will have to re-boot the first time for Comet Cursor to be enabled. You can also customize the comet tail's color, size, and speed.

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