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 Comet Cursor Settings


The Comet Cursor tail is made up of circular images drawn behind the pointer as it moves across the screen. The size of the circles varies in proportion with the speed of the pointer and the duration of the tail is customizable as are many other features by use of the dialog pictured below.


Comet Cursor Settings Panel


Comet Cursor Customization

  • Comet Color - Both the fill and border colors can be set to any of 17 possibilities: the standard 16 VGA colors plus an option of Invert for the color and Clear for the border.
  • Trail Length - Sets the duration of the comet tail to one of three values. This allows tuning for specific display types and user preferences.
  • Circle Size - Sets the average size of the Comet images (circles) to one of three values. This allows tuning for specific display resolutions and user preferences.
  • Activation Speed - Sets the pointer speed threshold at which Comets begin appearing to one of three values. This allows tuning for specific display characteristics and user preferences. A value of "Slow" gives Comets at most any speed.


  • Comet Cursor will normally restart at boot time if it is checked "On" in the dialog; however, if PROGRAMS is removed from the AUTOSTART line in CONFIG.SYS or the line
    has been added then the comet drawing program will not start automatically. There are several solutions.
    • Create a program object in the Startup Folder for x:\OS2\COMETRUN.EXE where x is the OS/2 boot drive.
    • Add COMETRUN.EXE to the STARTUP.CMD file, if you have one.
    • Download the CometOn Application. It is a self extracting ZIP file that will expand to three files, COMETON.CMD, COMETON.ICO, and README.TXT. When you run COMETON.CMD it will create a "nice" icon in you startup folder for COMETRUN.EXE.

    If you turn off Comet Cursor on the panel you will NOT have to remove the COMETRUN from anywhere, Comet Cursor will only start if it is turned on.

  • Comets stop appearing when the pointer is over a seamless windows application and do not appear in full-screen windows.
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