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New Paradigms For Using Computers - July 27, 2000
Almaden Research Center, San Jose, California

The User Experience of Pervasive Computing
Computing becomes increasingly pervasive and ubiquitous.  It lives in everything and profoundly affects the way we interact with our world. We need to understand what it means for the users.  What will the ubiquitously computational world become?  Is it possible to design it to be a place we want to inhabit?

To put it another way, what will the experience of truly ubiquitous computing be like?

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What is NPUC: New Paradigms for Using Computers (NPUC) is a non-confidential, invitation-only workshop and soiree for the community. In this one-day event, NPUC bridges academic and industrial HCI/CHI/UI/UE centers of work by focussing on a common theme. We've invited several leading experts in the area of ubiquitous & pervasive systems to come and tell us what they know.

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