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NPUC 2002
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IBM Almaden Research - NPUC 2002

NPUC 2002 Logo

Extreme & Radical User Interfaces:
Exploring NEW Interaction Paradigms

Each summer the IBM Research - Almaden's USER lab hosts a one-day special event for the UI / HCI / user experience community. The event, now in its 10th year, is the New Paradigms in User Computing (NPUC) workshop. We invite the people who have the talent, the skills and the insights on how humans and computing intersect.

This year, we'll be hosting NPUC on July 29th. As usual, it will be held in the IBM Research - Almaden's auditorium with lunch provided. And, as usual, our guest speakers will be people on the leading edge of human interaction technology.

Workshop description

The world of computer-based interaction is changing again. The past year has seen yet another increase in computational power, another huge drop in the cost of storage, and a deeper penetration of networking into everyplace. Similar trends are happening in the user interfaces.

We're seeing the rise of qualitatively new kinds of interfaces -- ones that are built into the world in unexpected ways -- ones that extend the idea of interface beyond windows, mice and keyboards. Today, a huge fraction of water faucets rely on infrared motion detection, haptics are built into more and more devices, even the very walls and tabletops of our world are growing embedded computer displays. Computer vision techniques, once available only to high-end processors, now can be inexpensively embodied in lower-cost, more ubiquitous devices.

By contrast with the user experience of commercial applications and hardware, there is a growing recognition that newer methods of interaction solve many problems that keyboards can't quite handle. There are built-in affordances, and new capabilities at every turn. The list of innovations and deployments coming from the extended world of extreme and radical interfaces is impressive. It's time we took our NPUC-ian look at what's going on.

Our program will continue to develop until the day of, but we already have an outstanding set of speakers:

  • Karon MacLean (U. British Columbia) on physical / haptic interfaces,
  • Kevin Wheeler (NASA Ames) on myoelectric interfaces and sensory extensions
  • Rich Gold (The RED Shift) on desire in content
  • Richard Marks (Sony) on new computer-vision interaction techniques,
  • Terry Winograd (Stanford) on room-sized interaction technology,
  • Tina Blaine (CMU) on new interfaces for musical expression
For more details, please see the NPUC 2002 program.

Registration is now open.  There is no charge.  Please enter the information needed in the registration form.

For information about previous years, see the following links.
Hope to see you there!


Where: IBM Research - Almaden, San Jose, CA
Date:  Monday, July 29, 2001
Time:  9AM 5PM (coffee and registration begins at 8:15AM)
What is NPUC? New Paradigms for User Computing (NPUC) is a non-confidential, invitation-only workshop and soiree for the community. In this one-day event, NPUC bridges academic and industrial HCI/CHI/UI/UE centers of work by focusing on a common theme. We invite several leading experts in the area of human interaction technology to come and tell us what they know, and have plenty of chance to discuss what's going on. It's a chance to hear the latest, best work in our field, and a premier opportunity to network within the human-centered computing field. 

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