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Since the birth of Artificial Intelligence in the 1950's, researchers have predicted that fully intelligent machines could be built within a matter of decades. It soon became apparent that realizing this goal was much harder than anticipated. As time passed with little progress towards intelligent machines, the optimism faded away with many concluding that AI had failed. Yet research into AI has continued.

We are now seeing a resurgence of interest in AI as an enabling technology for building smarter and better user interfaces. Adaptive user interfaces leverage user behavior to automatically personalize interfaces for a person's specific needs. Smart news aggregators utilize document clustering technology to group together news articles covering the same story. Speech-to-speech translation has become feasible thanks to advances in large-scale data-driven machine learning algorithms. Video games leverage AI to build believable characters and worthy opponents. While we are still far from the original goal of a general human-equivalent intelligence, AI-based user interfaces are now an integral part of our computer experience.

At NPUC 2008, we will explore the use of AI as a new paradigm for using computers. Where has AI successfully been applied, and where does it fail? What new usability challenges arise from leveraging AI in the interface? How can AI and HCI researchers work together to design smart systems that are a joy to use?

Please proceeed to the conference program for a detailed agenda. NPUC 2008 has been booked to capacity so online registration will no longer be available.

Tessa Lau and Stefan Nusser
[tessalau, nusser]
NPUC 2008 Co-chairs

Call for Posters and Demos

Attendees of the NPUC conference are invited to present a poster or demonstrate their work matching the theme of NPUC: "The NEW AI" during coffee breaks and at a special lunch session. (These presentations should focus on research results or innovations rather than marketing a company or product.)

Space is limited for posters and demonstrations, so if you would like to present your work please submit a proposal to Proposals should consist of the title and a 500 word abstract about your poster or demo, in addition to a any special needs that you may have. For example, let us know if you need power for a demo or space for a larger than normal poster. We will provide easels that should accomodate most posters. The abstract will be included in the NPUC program that will be given to attendees.

Submissions will be accepted until 5pm on July 5, 2008. Decisions will be made on a rolling basis, and you should expect to hear our decision with a day or two of submission.

Submit Poster or Demo

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