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  Ted SelkerWe are an experimental group, with continued involvement in exploring and testing new paradigms for using computers. This group is dedicated to understanding physical, cognitive, graphical and interpersonal needs of users.

On-going physical interface work is typified by our TrackPoint in-keyboard pointing device development. This work is characterized by human factors, and engineering experiments all focused on creating a behavioral motor match to aid a user. We attribute the success of this work to this design approach (Industrial Design).

On-going agent research explores the use and value of adaptive user model based agents for changing the way we use computers. This work is typified by the COgnitive Adaptive Computer Help system and its successes at increasing student performance in learning a programming language.

On-going graphical interaction explorations study the value and use of visualization and graphics in user interface. We also explore physical design of computers for usability and visualization techniques for improved human computer interaction.

- Ted Selker


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    Ted Selker
    IBM Research - Almaden
    650 Harry Road
    San Jose, CA 95120-6099

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