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WBI t-shirt
Submit a quality WBI plugin and get a free WBI t-shirt!


WBI is being made available on alphaWorks so that people can download it and develop their own WBI plugins. As people take to the idea of intermediary programming on the web, we hope that they will want to share what they've done with others.

Many at IBM almaden Research Center have contributed to WBI over the years.

The WBI Developer Community is being established to:

  • Promote the concept of intermediaries

    Intermediaries are a new way to think about programming web applications. We are setting up the WBI developers mailing list (coming soon) to help foster discussion among WBI programmers. We will post information there on upcoming WBI community events, including a one-day WBI programming workshop.

  • Stimulate the creation and sharing of WBI plugins

    The WBI Developer Community web site is a place where we'll make available the plugins and links that developers send us. To get this ball rolling, if you submit a quality plugin, and grant IBM non-exclusive rights to it (meaning we can incorporate it in future WBI releases), for a limited time we'll send you a WBI t-shirt (limit one per developer).

  • Evolve a standard API for generalized intermediaries

    We request that developers send us comments and suggest improvements to the WBI DK API. We are especially interested in suggestions that improve ease of use and enhance key capabilities.

  • Report bugs, fixes and enhancements

    Developers can send us information that may be of value to the WBI developer community.

We are also encouraging members of the WBI developer community to take an active role in defining the community, both in terms of its goals and organizational structure.