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WBI in the News

December 1999 Transcoding on the fly for the Web
developerWorks, by Nancy Dunn & Chris Rumble.
September 1999 Task Masters
Toronto Globe and Mail, by Tyler Hamilton.
September 1999 IBM Readies Transcoder Beta for Simplified Content Delivery
Infoworld, by Dana Gardner.
August 1999 IBM Researchers Look for Spirit of the Web (in Swedish)
Computer Sweden, by Hakan Ogelid.
July 1999 IBM releases Web Intermediary devkit
JavaWorld, by Kane Scarlett.
June 1999 IBM Fills In Some "Pervasive" Details
Computer Reseller News, by Barbara Darrow.
June 1999 The Web Will Be Smart: Make It Personal
PC Magazine, by Sebastian Rupley.
June 1999 IBM Releases Web Intermediaries Toolkit, by George DiGiacomo.
June 1999 IBM harnesses Web data flow
CNET, by Erich Luening.
June 1999 IBM Introduces Web Intermediaries
IBM Press Release.