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Release Notes, WBI DK 4.5

New Features

Most new features are described in more detail in our overiew on porting plugins to WBI 4.5.
  • New classes MegReader and MegWriter allow reading and writing of character streams in a Meg. The encoding is selected transparently to the caller.
  • New classes are added for working with HTTP and MIME headers. MimeHeaderAscii and HeaderField provide the basis for MIME headers. HttpHeaderAscii, HttpRequestHeader, and HttpResponseHeader provide a means to work with HTTP/1.0 headers.
  • Reworked HttpCookie and new HttpSetCookie classes allow for convenient use of HTTP cookies.
  • The WBI Gui now offers a menu to turn off request tracing for certain content types. Chose
    Menubar -> Requests -> Request Blocking
    and check the types you do not want to trace.
  • WBI DK 4.5 now uses the Xerces XML parser. The jar file (xerces.jar) of this parser is part of the download. This replaces the old XML parser that was shipped in previous WBI DK releases. If you have code that depends on the old jar file (xml4j.jar), make sure it is in your classpath. Information on how to port your code to the new parser can be found in the Xerces documentation that is part of the Xerces download on Alphaworks.
  • In addition to passing character streams and byte streams between Megs, it is now possible to pass objects. This functionality could be used, for example, to pass a parsed DOM tree between Megs, eliminating the need to repeated parsing and serialization. See our overview of MegObjects.
  • Performance has been greatly improved when using WBI under heavy load. Compared to WBI 4.4, performance of WBI 4.5 under heavy load is more than doubled, as measured by WebStone.


No porting should be necessary in most cases, as the transition from WBI DK 4.4 to WBI DK 4.5 involves mainly the addition of features and functionality.

A number of APIs have been deprecated because their functionality is superseded. Examples are HttpHeader, HttpReponse, and HttpRequest. If you use these or any other APIs deprecated by WBI, keep in mind that they have been deprecated for a reason and they may disappear entirely in a future version of WBI. For more details, see this document on porting plugins to WBI 4.5.

Compatibility with IBM WebSphere Transcoding Publisher

We have coordinated our efforts with the IBM WebSphere Transcoding Publisher (WTP) team. WBI Plugins written for WBI DK version 4.5 will also run on the WTP product, version 1.1, with a few exceptions.

Reporting Bugs

Please report any problems by subscribing and posting to the WBI developer mailing list. We also monitor the WBI discussion forum on IBM Alphaworks, and the email address.

And stay in touch with what's happening with WBI by checking out the WBI homepage or by subscribing to the WBI mailing list.

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