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Release Notes, WBI DK 4.3

New Features


The WBI APIs have been updated as we have moved from WBI Development Kit for Java version 4.1 to version 4.3. (Version 4.2 was an internal-only release). We try to minimize changes to the API so that our users can avoid changing their plugins, but some improvements are necessary for (1) uniformity, simplicity, and ease of use, (2) infrastructure testing, and (3) abstraction of pluggable classes into interfaces.

Please see our notes on how to port WBI plugins.

Compatibility with IBM's Transcoding Technology Beta

We have coordinated our efforts with IBM's Transcoding Technology team. WBI Plugins written for WBI DK version 4.3 will also run on the Transcoding Technology Beta release 0.1.2.

Reporting Bugs

Please report any problems by subscribing and posting to the WBI developer mailing list. We also monitor the WBI discussion forum on IBM Alphaworks, and the email address.

And stay in touch with what's happening with WBI by checking out the WBI homepage or by subscribing to the WBI mailing list.

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