Class Summary
AddPreambleEditor An Editor that adds content to the beginning of an HTML document.
CgiGenerator This class wraps a CGI executable by launching a new process and setting the CGI/1.1 environment variables.
DirectoryGenerator A Generator for delivering an HTML rendition of a disk directory.
DisplayMonitor A Monitor which prints information about the HTTP request and response to the console.
ErrorPageGenerator A Generator for producing an HTTP response that corresponds to an error condition.
FileGenerator A Generator for delivering the contents of a file to the client.
FileGeneratorHelper Helper for the FileGenerator class.
FixContentTypeEditor An Editor that modifies the reported content-type of a document to "image/gif" if the content appears to be a GIF image.
FormHelper Helper class to access the form data of an HTTP request.
FourStepHttpGenerator This class breaks down the response to an HTTP request into four steps, each of which can be overridden by extending classes.
HtmlGenerator An abstract Generator that is used to produce HTML pages.
HtmlTemplateGenerator HttpGenerator that produces an HTML page using a page template and a set of variables.
ImageMapRequestEditor An Editor that creates a request for a specific url based on whether the user clicked inside of an ImageMap.
LinkAnnotationEditor An abstract Editor that modifies an HTML document by editing the information in the links.
MultipleCgiGenerator This Generator launches any of the requested CGIs from a directory, or one of its subdirectories.
MultipleFileGenerator This Generator serves any of the requested files from a directory, or one of its subdirectories.
NewUrlRequestEditor A basic Request Editor which forwards to a new URL, replacing the requested URL with the new one.
NoCacheEditor An Editor that modifies a document's HTTP header to indicate that the document should not be cached.
PageMovedGenerator A Generator that produces an HTTP response directing the browser to load the document at a different URL.
PutGenerator A Generator that handles HTTP 'PUT' requests and stores the results in a file on the local file system.
ResourceGenerator A Generator for delivering the contents of a resource to the client.

Exception Summary
ErrorPageException Typically thrown when an error condition occurs in a Generator.