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Try It Out

To check out the XML/XSL plugin, do the following:

  1. Requirements:
    • To run the XML/XSL plugin you must install two other Java packages first. You need IBM's XML 4 Java Parser and the Lotus XSL Processor.
    • The latest version of the XML 4 Java Parser. is already included in the WBI DK (in the directory <wbi_home_dir>/lib.
    • The Lotus XSL Processor.
    • After you have installed LotusXSL (version 1.0.1), add the following jar files to your classpath:
      Example: If you installed the LotusXSL processor in c:\lotusxsl\ (on Windows), set your classpath as follows:
          set classpath=%classpath%;
    • Note: The samples are guaranteed to run with the IBM XML for Java Parser, version 3.0.1 (Xerces) and the Lotus XSL processor, version 1.0.1 (Xalan). Due to changes in these packages, of which some are incompatible with previous versions, you might experience problems running the samples when using older versions of the two packages.
  2. How to setup the plugin:
    • Start WBI and setup your browser to use WBI as a proxy.
    • Register the XML/XSL plugin on the WBI console by typing:
      register com/ibm/wbi/examples/xmlxsl/xmlxsl.reg
    • Check whether the plugin is registered and enabled. Go to the WBI Setup page. The XML/XSL plugin should be listed in the table with a checkmark next to its name. If the plugin is not listed, try registering it again. If the checkmark is not there, click on the box to the left of the plugin name.
    • Open another browser window. Use that window to try out the plugin, and use this window to display the documentation. (To open another window using Microsoft Internet Explorer, go to File -> New -> Window. To open a window using Netscape Navigator, go to File -> New -> Navigator Window.)
  3. How to use the plugin:
    • Go to the following URL:
      This page provides links to several XML files that can be downloaded and converted to HTML using the XML/XSL plugin.
    • Click on the links provided to see how the plugin works with XML sourM6e ?`[nǥBYyjw=|Fc籨p(6^8h! gLܛC&/n[xrt((v8ntl^" bCAXPgJZ͆xɣʑ~ ""De2J"CCJ pXXs# a,j 6<ÛPdrf4aD[f ÕQ r9~-( 6")<\BBz>{Gl 6=5wӸ{@|oEҚr/g>BAtT _!B,Ic|`+jF!/97Gy_"7v R:wnF/92B-(z(,}ZhIMvch1Õ%p*kRd:`:p<$$4Pxœ|PK*:?[ )?Mκx. d=uɳJ4rrpkL(ܐ Gc^K 8@!Xڎ{XSQd&SjRvor`6_$p$!)go:1F A0 z_+1B}9:$dJ&k^M;z/Oň·/4Uڊg oܹ{ȁ 4eI1 '-,B+w1)2~5&Ȥoy s5۫k`H'(+H떋az p *U)vwNNJ꿋U46f&N) 8,&Afa9"/ ,z  Pg]>Ȋ` E[66j8j+jxrBi@ `4y>S֬kCaO)]?f#hC|ɷk"m͂?E$kjCY#r0a+P}Q}ֹ;IV4ٽ<HyIe/I]^.=87\)}p|=s!ڨK=_fRůt9|v̂wɄ= Qx-phCT٩% S(r|Nd ocD,7GgzzMgIVrVj rvҁ ȍv/6"(w`HY{$o^}eՏr)%K!~͓ЃgTh_QR_r*27]* ڗeg">q|6rvQ_vP]]f^AOI$p&7͆І)Zz쳏=^uKl.2XKYXӦn!_wdޣK+aq#vyJ {K3Eވ9caTm$іś D 8|Ŷ B/;z94wWkm #l7YKV+xY>2w Z-ԟ1c~`A*FNYu]/#n!:J&yꉖ#"  ;eY-ϵoF=eWq r6ۚtP&Gbw ,/E҇]~B)SOi}$oa#yi(\dLYQBƒNJX;H,l >ȐD^9"rU6 y8WdR T/JIhWsxڱ)d>lnzם![| c/0cEm}"KOY#P?Dj-zwZ9;vf8i\aJҔZU0$+ąw{~_g98S }-~WU)#Rrs}HT~Fˢf%S;{mpkf3 i@$#{bUq.UxU z 6g/ꓨq52V27^5x՛A{7U!׿SGEqH-/M+`؝}SCǁ3gЪC v7},㧞,d'Ǭkk%4 rU9L(P>uX妔P'mAOT/0:гoFkkb/ Q5)r*?7DO Z202d| [ XiheNƤ}q ^epXA0jФk`|c])uMvW8#Wn9 YffGkw7g)&+I[ll(=v?X-ڒA r>` ,ɍ]_<2tMi3ȱQydSVM㞂ˆo%tW߾$fif +$Qa٤‰&: zO9@+=JKuˣzKmA eq>]c 6[2*+RZ^GR^ZQ zMx65x5A\Fl7k $zQ}h}g9/h0鉟VH<6 zqM8p9gPR%& f, "Maz\X:ddl˷cv~Zaбe$ ]Lbk$p:o4QZܱ6;-) y'eũԸ?6TIIϤ̃kGU^VY"k1-FDs˭-o$jzxd?.r@-ί*oϝٹ|h̤ULl˩wFs0շ8"%m֝]Ϝdĝ5͝,Y˸/a Sgzl (V5b5a@Q˿.l&|7:<|*̦gΝ ?$A)JaՔTc,?S0zxjWZMTJcYRgXI.c{^&ye| W0'S\(7Њ-^ΆLJiqfhAGp# TZ9ʦժ~oDd4wCUs5˚v{I+ Fx a;y3Rh nv!e \Q 2\A1~ 0O[ii rV`٤_h7Sj͏u쏐@"%4_\r Ad^L!3V-or[mޅ=$ay}i9~݌o]:b;Qr-4_R ;\(r)gooF̆}D m Dqttɲ?m;!zOIFՍI-CY@_N M \0G]'4N# R%vV!x( tծtCQ*=St0=P[E6%g0t L!0c?u#~_x`I^15@b Z!V.iŗnش[]ʃgշkrhc[G{?&HIiL-`߽mx TiPg"'҃*h]}|))j4. g*]P~|2'.r(sɸeMHNr[J}Ƅոʋxֿt)an3PýTIRl$RF:~Nw#!KZëk 9gwgvF$XFwMR|TMVfCcў68Us<1-~:;}_G rO'|cak}z!jkwK +P+5weG} d8? CQ$J QsgxDO7!;:/0%Š/sbUh7R®Y^g[՗f]*w䱂_+x W+ŰoKeK v«q@GxP$\9fp˚A-y$iEH$GUZvbR;D%GcOٟF `y!kldodq—BC[򠐐?I'ί$@qX!F[BΖ|v=̪e1*[ U0 n<&Dk39`hr {Mq$'@q^ UPI!\>z(!±}59GXr' LCV3/1uw-8xJmVKe_4=[xdS SPtp{dgiEBT ;iS|;<\U@8 W=f PQl=x  3 e؃RyTdNު3P\:X-'GQǤY6 kz"U$@ˑTvPsN.vV0 Ӑ[m+,9&`*bYTk]|3ȯ@h\moT$-XOX"C- bfg 9g\;yBxܾ|UGۯ ~ f^ow&e[1&kD67ؔb鼋״\> ![O"ͳFu`t+]zK47y;ShCgvTBSQVq]!$:?ԪnDg"tQ˲_ x鵙s1t>rZ?}aJaC YᝦڱOf 8$5K_\Jr jݨ :1 v[h GwyW ވ,c&*}Ugo˿s:==X kt| 7gj.9EA ex!mQMDo9bNf5lJ~}171ml'5D1ӗsa}M#O)M)e+qVTXlY<XƹG5xPt-,Fȑ'E~ݹ_Nw(l/ڣg1f|Dą)h@VKbH#&?HJC0-34h-e*%eyNBEޚV&E_Y_|{Sy{q} aE7S0d!9=o|7ϛ`XCP- ؏T@]e!bǨ[zaK[7{iVQu'a.p_#ISJw0Hœ"!<թ1/.jkT|'*rR[C,_LHݐ16Z\1J9vH A2 CSz;oӤ*?M*êۤv/^*">~1G, בmS.28:QI'XGR»Xg4U@ C /Ÿ2?Hb k/3e7I,~muK QۍALXo|/+PCjX}K@"!NPWN13,-&˗AP;3U[mmG?J˼3}l^Pؚb+3{: %PcP&֌a5tpUȏ1ڪl3CM{WћI`SQ˔EjsNط@I [ݬ7~bE䱍{|=pT{2 C~z<NyUsU~@p*n瓌}ܠ6h ¶&{mG!@aaЁq[hYԶ K ;-knLq~Ddh T5lM򳙞Lw)iY54106] - [net] tg3: Fix performance regression on 5705 (Andy Gospodarek ) [330181] - [net] forcedeth: MSI interrupt bugfix (Andy Gospodarek ) [353281] - [ppc] kexec/kdump kernel hung on Power5+ and Power6 (Scott Moser ) [245346]- [misc] Denial of service with wedged processes (Jerome Marchand ) [229882] {CVE-2006-6921} - [alsa] Convert snd-page-alloc proc file to use seq_file (Jerome Marchand ) [297771] {CVE-2007-4571} - [x86] Fixes for the tick divider patch (Chris Lalancette ) [315471] - [mm] ia64: flushohn Feeney ) [212391] - [xen] allow more than 3 VNIFs (Tetsu Yamamoto ) [297331] - [misc] enable support for CONFIG_SUNDANCE (Andy Gospodarek ) [252074] - [ia64] use thread.on_ustack to determine user stack (Luming Yu ) [253548] - [xen] export cpu_llc_id as gpl (Rik van Riel ) [429004] - [md] avoid reading past end of bitmap file (Ivan Vecera ) [237326] - [acpi] Support external package objs as method args (Luming Yu ) [241899]- [xen] incorrect calculation leads to wrong nr_cpus (Daniel P. Berrange ) [3360>F[G)FjNz>zF[G֟FkOz>F[GsFlPzA>SM[G"ҟFmQz>vF[GҟFnRz>F[GFoSz>F[GoFpTzA>SM[G9ܜFqUz> gF[G$ܜFrVz>gF[GלFsWz>thF[GӜFtXzA>SM[G-؜FuYz>hF[GלFvZz>i hF[G'ܜFw[z>thF[GלFx\z>i hF[G'ܜFy]z>hF[GלFz^zA>SM[G؜F{_z>hF[GלF|`z>hF[GݜF}~az>thF[GלFbz>hF[GݜFcz>hF[GלFdzA>SM[G֟Fez>HF[GžFfz>tF[G֟Fgz>F[GßFhz>tSTM[G]Fjz>F[G\Fkz>STM~fSTMicLicLnz>O STM[GFoz>USM[GFqz>~F[GFrz>UF[GFsz>tF[GFtz>@J3D[G9@uz