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How to manage, negotiate, and transfer personal information on the Web.

Author: Jörg Meyer
The World Wide Web has become a marketplace, where information is shared, goods are offered and sold, and services are provided, often requiring people's personal information. Along with the benefits of revealing personal information there is an increasing risk of people's privacy being violated, combined with a growing complexity of online transactions. We introduce the Online Privacy Agent (OPA), a new way to simplify online transactions while enhancing a user's privacy protection. The OPA lets a user manage the use of his personal information in online transactions, and allows the automated completion of transactions. The OPA is the first implementation based on P3P and APPEL, two projects currently under development by the World Wide Web Consortium. P3P and APPEL provide a framework for the automated exchange and evaluation of privacy and transaction information. The OPA's ability to support P3P and APPEL, extended by our own concept of the automated negotiation of sets of information, make it a valuable personal assistant when browsing the Web. The OPA represents our platform- and browser-independent solution towards better privacy protection on the Web, by reducing the complexity of online transactions and helping the user to manage, negotiate, and transfer personal information on the Web.

Read more about our approach of how to manage, negotiate and transfer personal information on the Web:

This paper was written by Jörg Meyer at the IBM Research - Almaden and submitted as his diploma thesis to the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg, Germany.

The implementation discussed in this paper uses WBI. Publicly available Java class packages for the support of APPEL and P3P can be found at IBM Alphaworks.

April 9, 1999 · Jörg Meyer ·