World Wide Web References

[1] - Request for comments 2109: Cookies (HTTP State Management Mechanism).

[2] - Information about SSL.

[3] - Information on PGP on the International PGP Home Page.

[4] - W3C's home page.

[5] - P3P home page; contains a link to the current (third) working draft with information about P3P's syntax specification, the harmonized vocabulary specification and the base data set specification.

[6] - APPEL home page with a link to the current APPEL working draft.

[7] - Home page of the IBM Research - Almaden in San Jose, California.

[8] - Request for comments 2068: HTTP 1.1 specification.

[9] - WBI home page at the IBM Research - Almaden.

[10] - Sun Microsystems' Java home page.

[11] - Home page of the Java Beans technology.

[12] - Download site for IBM's P3P Parser.

[13] - Download site for IBM's XML Parser for Java.

[14] - Complete description of XML.

[15] - P3P base data set specification.

[16] - RDF Syntax specification.

[17] - P3P Harmonized Vocabulary Specification on the W3C Web site.

[18] - MD5 Message Digest Algorithm, by R. Rivest.

[19] - AuctionBot home page. AuctionBot is a multi-purpose internet auction server developed at the University of Michigan.

[20] - Kasbah home page. Kasbah is an ongoing multi-agent research project at the MIT Media Lab to help realize a fundamental transformation in the way people transact goods.

[21] - Tete-a-Tete home page. Tete-a-Tete (T@T) is a project within MIT Media Lab's Agent-mediated Electronic Commerce (AmEC) Initiative.

[22] - Internet draft: Tunneling SSL Through a WWW Proxy.

[23] - VeriSign, Inc., is a provider of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and digital certificate solutions used by enterprises, Web sites, and consumers to conduct secure communications and transactions over the Internet and private networks.

[24] - Thawte Consulting is a global provider of digital certificate products, services and solutions.

[25] - Knowledge Interchange Format (KIF) is a language designed for use in the interchange of knowledge among disparate computer systems.

[26] - KQML home page with facts and information (University of Maryland Baltimore County).

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