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   Advancing the Internet into the Future: The Grid


The Internet is reaching a new stage. Having become a fabulous repository of content with the advent of the World Wide Web, the Internet is now in the process of becoming a platform for distributed computing. Dr. Wladawsky-Berger will explore the implications for building an open, integrated infrastructure, accessing the infrastructure and managing the infrastructure.
 Dr. Irving Wladawsky-Berger - Bio
Dr. Irving Wladawsky-Berger:
Vice President Technology and Strategy, IBM Server Group

Dr. Irving Wladawsky-Berger is responsible for IBMís Next Generation Internet and e-business strategies, IBM Server Groupís advanced architectures and technologies, and the strategy and development of IBMís Linux initiative.

A major part of Dr. Wladawsky-Bergerís responsibilities is to lead IBMís participation in the growing trend toward open standards for interoperability in e-business. In conjunction with this, he is working to make Linux and the open source movement a natural extension of IBMís commitment to e-business and the next generation of the Internet. In addition, he leads the Server Groupís advanced technologies and architectures efforts, which include IBMís Self Managing-Systems project (eLiza) and the Grid computing initiative.

Dr. Wladawsky-Bergerís role in IBMís Internet and e-business activities began in December 1995 when he was charged with the dual objectives of formulating IBMís overall strategy in the emerging Internet opportunity, and developing and bringing to market leading-edge Internet technologies that could be integrated into IBMís mainstream business. The resulting company-wide Internet strategy has succeeded to the point of making IBM synonymous with e-business. Likewise, Dr. Wladawsky-Bergerís team has nurtured and mainstreamed a number of leading-edge technologies in areas like security, electronic commerce, digital media, and advanced Internet applications.

He began his IBM career in 1970 at the Companyís Thomas J. Watson Research Center, where he started technology transfer programs to move the innovations of computer science from IBMís research labs into its product divisions. After joining IBMís product development organization in 1985, he continued his efforts to bring advanced technologies to the marketplace, leading IBMís initiatives in supercomputing and parallel computing, including the transformation of IBMís large commercial systems to parallel architectures. He has managed a number of IBMís businesses, including the large systems software and the UNIX systems divisions.

Dr. Wladawsky-Berger was a member and co-chair of the Presidentís Information Technology Advisory Committee (PITAC). He is a member of the Information Technology Advisory Board of the New School University, and the University of Chicago Board of Governors for Argonne National Laboratories. He is a former member of the Computer Sciences and Technology Board of the National Research Council, and of the FermiLab Board. He was named the 2001 Hispanic Engineer of the Year by the Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Awards Conference.

Dr. Wladawsky-Berger received an M.S. and a Ph D. in physics from the University of Chicago.

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