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   IBM's Autonomic Computing Vision


Alan Ganek, recently appointed Vice President of Autonomic Computing, will discuss the factors driving IBM’s focus on Autonomic Computing—an initiative to make computing systems more self managing and resilient—as well as his early thoughts on technology directions and approaches to address the issues.
 Alan Ganek - Bio
Photo of Alan Ganek
Alan Ganek:
Vice President, Autonomic Computing, IBM

Mr. Ganek is Vice President, Autonomic Computing, IBM Software Group.

In this newly created role, Mr. Ganek will lead the IBM Corporate-wide initiative for Autonomic Computing which focuses on making computing systems more self-managing and resilient, lowering the cost of ownership and removing obstacles to growth and flexibility. This role will reach across IBM, touching virtually all functions. Within Software Group, the focus will be on increasing the competitiveness of middleware products with the infusion of Autonomic Computing capabilities and ensuring that this work is fully linked with parallel efforts underway in the other groups. Mr. Ganek will also work with the Product Groups, IGS, Research and S&D on the consistency of marketing messages about Autonomic Computing and how we leverage our capabilities with customers.

Prior to joining IBM Software Group, Mr. Ganek was responsible for the technical strategy of IBM’s Research Division, a worldwide organization focused on research leadership in areas related to information technology as well as exploratory work in science and mathematics. This entails strategic and technology outlook, portfolio management, and Research Division processes. In addition, Mr. Ganek oversees operational services supporting the Division, including finance, information services, technical journals, and site operations such as facilities management, environmental control, and safety.

Mr. Ganek joined IBM as a software engineer in 1978 in Poughkeepsie, New York where he was involved in operating system design and development, computer addressing architecture, and parallel systems architecture and design. He was the recipient of Outstanding Innovation Awards for his work on Enterprise Systems Architecture/370 and System/390 Parallel Sysplex Design. In 1985, he was appointed manager of MVS Design and Performance Analysis, where he was responsible for the technical plan and content of the MVS control program. Subsequently he was appointed VM/XA advanced system manager, responsible for strategy, design, planning, customer support, system evaluation, and product delivery and control. Mr. Ganek became manager of Enterprise Systems Market Operations in 1989, responsible for System/390 software requirements and announcement strategy.

Mr. Ganek was appointed Director of Worldwide Software Manufacturing Strategy in 1990, where he was responsible for IBM’s strategy for manufacturing, distribution, and packaging of software, software service, and publications across all hardware platforms. In 1992, he was named Programming Systems Director, Quality and Development Operations, leading quality programs for the Programming Systems Division and was also responsible for the software development processes including tools, technology, metrics, information development, and software service for IBM’s software community.

He joined the Telecommunications & Media Industry Unit in 1994 as Director of Solutions Development, IBM Telecommunications & Media Industry Unit. In this capacity, he was responsible for development activity for over 900 developers supporting IBM’s telecommunications and media industry customers worldwide, including regional and inter-exchange carriers, cable and wireless providers, broadcasters, entertainment companies, sports industry, and publishers. Project areas included internet and intranets, broadband, network management, customer service & billing, directory assistance, enhanced telephony services, operations support systems, digital broadcast and distribution, digital libraries, sports applications, and video transmission services.

Mr. Ganek received his M.S. in Computer Science from Rutgers University in 1981. He holds fifteen patents.

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