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   Control and Guidance of Autonomous Agents


DARPA is developing a new program, Network-centric Infrastructure for Command, Control, and Intelligence (NICCI) to provide the software infrastructure (libraries of components, design tools, etc.) that enables groups of people, applications, and devices to be rapidly brought together to perform a task predictably and efficiently in the context in which they are operating.

It will construct “habitats” that automatically provide context information to components (software systems, objects or agents, humans). The habitats will include business and interaction rules as an integral part of the system. Embedding executable rules and process specifications supports dynamic:

  • automatic acquisition / sharing of context
  • monitoring of changes in context
  • enforcing rules of component behavior and interaction
  • sharing of services where allowed
  • controlling membership with privileges and responsibilities (authority and accountability).
 John Salasin - Bio
Photo of John Salasin
John Salasin:
DARPA, Program Manager

Dr. John Salasin has conducted information processing research for his entire professional career—on systems ranging in size from the encoder mechanism of a single cell in the Limulus (horseshoe crab) eye to the World Wide Military Command and Control (WWMCCS) system. His education includes a Ph.D. in Computer Science and an M.S. in Neurophysiology from the University of Minnesota, and a B.S. in Zoology from George Washington University.

His work focuses on developing and applying engineering and management technologies to reduce the cost and risk of large-scale system development. He has worked at universities (University of Minnesota and part-time teaching at George Washington University and American University), FFRDCs (MITRE, IDA, and the SEI), state and federal government, and private industry (GTE). He is currently a Program Manager in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency responsible for research programs in software and systems engineering (Evolutionary Design of Complex Software, Dynamic Assembly for System’s Adaptability, Reliability, and Assurance). He was previously responsible for the Software Engineering Institute.

He has worked and published papers in the areas of modeling and simulation, information access in hierarchical storage architectures, privacy, research program management, technology transition, software quality, data management systems architectures, and software/system evolution.

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