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  Donald J. Haderle - Bio
Photo of Don Haderle

 Donald J. Haderle
 IBM Fellow; Vice President, Chief Technology Officer for Data Management
 IBM Corporation

Donald J. Haderle is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Data Management, the Vice President of Database Technology and an IBM Fellow, responsible for establishing the advanced technologies for IBMís database management systems. He was the founding architect of DB2 in the 1970s, IBMís industry leading relational database management system. Collaborating with IBM research which invented the relational model, he further innovated and led the engineering of DB2 into a robust database management system serving the response times, costs, and availability demands of online transaction processing as well as information analysis. In 1988, based on performance benchmarks by DB2, the industry analysts declared that relational database management was capable of serving the most crucial needs of business.

Continuing the collaboration with IBM Research developing fundamental technology to interconnect information systems in what was to be a networked world, he transformed DB2 to operate in a network of databases with the ability to interconnect and access information from any database conforming to the Distributed Relational Database Architecture (DRDA), which IBM created and is now an X/Open standard for interconnecting relational database systems.

He recognized the need to access information anywhere. One of the major challenges is to understand what information exists and simplify the mechanisms to get to it, namely a common metamodel. He led the evolution of DB2 into a heterogeneous, federated database management system.

The early analytic capabilities of business intelligence have evolved to richer analytic models from multidimensional analysis to data mining to knowledge management and DB2 has evolved to incorporate these models as well as a richer set of data types ranging from multimedia image, voice, video, and graphics to geospatial and finally business objects such as customer. To incorporate these new types and models, Don led the advanced technology development extending DB2 to incorporate advanced object models, which has been dubbed Object Relational. This provides a structure for incorporating more semantic and analysis into the database.

He led DB2 into the internet with access through Net.Data, a high speed Internet data access mechanism, used by many Internet enabled businesses to drive business. It was used as the underpinning of the Nagano Olympics for accessing all information in a rather demanding environment. Today he drives development of XML, Java, EJBs, and many other initiatives, including personalization and security to enable e-commerce and pervasive computing.

Mr. Haderle was appointed IBM Fellow in 1989, which is the highest technical position within IBM. A Fellow is allowed to set his own direction and establish his own research. There are currently less than 60 IBM Fellows. He has numerous patents (over 50) and invention disclosures in database. He has numerous papers. He is also a Fellow to the Association for Computer Machinery (ACM).

Mr. Haderle received a Bachelorís degree from the University of California (Berkeley) in economics, where he focused on statistical modeling of economic theories. His work in IBM has spanned real-time operating systems, point-of-sales, compiler development, MVS file management, security in file systems, storage management, operating system extensions for printers and mass storage devices, and database management.

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