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Past Project
The CLEVER search engine incorporates several algorithms that make use of the Web's hyperlink structure for discovering high-quality information. It can be exceedingly difficult to locate resources on the World Wide Web that are both high-quality and relevant to a user's informational needs. Traditional automated search methods for locating information on the Web are easily overwhelmed by low-quality and unrelated content. Second generation search engines have to have effective methods for focusing on the most authoritative documents. The rich structure implicit in hyperlinks among Web documents offers a simple, and effective, means to deal with many of these problems.
Additional Information:
Link to content outside IBMAuthoritative sources in a hyperlinked environment
[To appear in the Journal of the ACM, 1999. Also appears as IBM Research Report RJ 10076, May 1997]
Link to content outside IBMAutomatic Resource Compilation by Analyzing Hyperlink Structure and Associated Text
[Proceedings of the 7th World-Wide Web conference, 1998. Copyright owned by Elsevier Sciences, Amsterdam]
Link to content in pdf formatScalable feature selection, classification and signature generation for organizing large text databases into hierarchical topic taxonomies
[VLDB Journal, 1998 (invited)]
Link to content Enhanced hypertext categorization using hyperlinks
[Proceedings of ACM SIGMOD 1998]
Link to content outside IBMMining the link structure of the World Wide Web
Link to content outside IBMTrawling the Web for emerging cyber-communities
[Eighth World Wide Web conference, Toronto, Canada, May 1999]
Link to contentThe web as a graph: Measurements, models and methods
[Eighth World Wide Web conference, Toronto, Canada, May 1999]
Link to contentExtracting large scale knowledge bases from the web.
[IEEE International conference on Very Large Databases (VLDB), Edinburgh, Scotland]
Link to content List of Almaden Projects

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