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Data Links

Past Project
Data Links is cool, new IBM technology that represents the next generation of enterprise content management. Now available as a part of IBM's DB2 Universal Database, Data Links allows management of files that reside outside the database as though they are logically within the database.

Simpler file administration and data in files no longer needs to be imported into the database.
Data Links guarantees referential integrity to these external files, provides enhanced access control to them, and supports automatic and coordinated backup and restore capability within transactional environments that are crucial for data management. It simplifies and reduces system administration costs and complexities, by providing a single coordinated administration point for file and database data.

Enterprises can now manage files on multiple distinct file servers within Data Links Databases, allowing robust centralized control over distributed resources across intranets. Data in files no longer needs to be imported into the database, and can continue to be accessed directly by applications.

Data Links technology has recently been extended to include distributed file systems in clustered intranet environments with support for DFS, thereby enabling the management of large file repositories in a scalable way across an enterprise.

We have also extended IBM's DPROPR replication offering to support datalinked files in DB2 UDB Version 7. Database data and datalinked files can now be replicated together in an atomic and consistent manner. This brings integrated and effective load balancing and high availability opportunities to applications involving databases and external file references.

Both ANSI and ISO have accepted the proposal for SQL Part 9: Management of External Data (SQL/MED), which includes the specification of the DATALINK type. ISO has progressed SQL/MED from working draft to final committee draft (FCD) in November 1999. If things go according to schedule, it should become a standard in late 2000.

The Data Links technology was invented at Almaden Computer Science, the hub for innovation in database technology.

More about Data Links:
General Overview FAQ
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PDF Files
pdf icon DLFM: A Transactional Resource Manager (pdf, 107KB)
pdf icon Data Links: Managing External Data with DB2 Universal Database (pdf, 81.5KB)
pdf icon IBM UDB and Dassault Systèmes: A Partnership to your Advantage (pdf, 131KB)
pdf icon DB2 UDB (NT, Unix, AS/400) Data Links Technology & Solutions for the e-business World (pdf, 591KB)
pdf icon Data Links: Manage Enterprise Content (pdf, 2596KB)
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