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Past Project
Businesses today rely on large collections of data stored in diverse systems with differing capabilities. Many of the "mission-critical" tasks these customers do depend on integrating data from several sources. For example, to find new drugs, pharmaceutical companies must combine information on test results with information on chemical structures and on existing patents. Often the data sources to be integrated include a broad range of sources, such as CAD/CAM systems, text search engines, molecular structure databases, or customer-specific repositories.

Garlic is an IBM prototype that allows integration of diverse sources such as the above, and allows new sources to be easily added to an existing installation. Garlic offers the ability to interrelate data from multiple sources with a broad range of querying capabilities, in a single, cross-source query. A significant focus of the project is the provision of support for data sources that provide type-specific indexing and query capabilities, such as text search, or search by molecular structure.

link to content Data Engineering Bulletin '99: Transforming Heterogeneous Data with Database Middleware: Beyond Integration
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link to content RIDE-DOM '95: Towards Heterogeneous Multimedia Information Systems: The Garlic Approach
 [364k Postscript]
link to content Visual Database Systems '95: Querying Multimedia Data from Multiple Repositories by Content: The Garlic Project
 [364k Postscript]
link to content SIGMOD '96: Demo Announcement
 [50k Postscript]
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Garlic - Database Middleware for Heterogeneous Data Sources

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