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Welcome to the Visualization Lab, a collection of various activities related to Visual Computing. These range from visualization of numerically intensive simulations to the analysis of experimental data to synthetic model animations to random things. The projects were realized using a variety of software tools and hardware platforms which are physically located at the IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose, California.


This is a collection of selected Visualization projects. Some of these projects include animations and movies in MPEG format.

Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Page Scanning tunneling microscopy

Bullet Graphic STM image gallery
Bullet Graphic Quantum corrals
Bullet Graphic Atomic fly-by

Molecular Dynamics Page Molecular dynamics simulations

Bullet Graphic Instability dynamics of fracture
Bullet Graphic Colliding microasperities
Bullet Graphic The states of tethered membranes

Models Page Synthetic models

These examples show synthetic, non-data-driven animations, created to visualize complex technological processes.
Bullet Graphic Magnetic resonance force microscope
Bullet Graphic Thermomechanical writing with an atomic force microscope tip
Bullet Graphic Multilayer optical disk
Bullet Graphic Magnetic data storage
Bullet Graphic Blue laser

Miscellaneous Page Miscellaneous

Bullet Graphic Order from chaos
Bullet Graphic Virtual backpacking

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