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Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Instability dynamics of fracture

Fracture Large Graphic The fracture of two-dimensional notched solids under tension was studied using million atom systems. Many recent laboratory findings occur in the simulation experiments, one of the most intriguing being the dynamic instability of the crack tip as it approaches a fraction of the sound speed.

Here are two animations that show visualizations of the large-scale Large-Scale Fracture Movie (351 kB) as well as the atomistic Atomistic Fracture Movie (1.6 MB) dynamics. The visualizations were created using PV-WAVE.

Here is a hyper-media version of a paper about this study which was published in Physical Review Letters (Farid F. Abraham, D. Brodbeck, R.A. Rafey and W.E. Rudge, Phys. Rev. Lett. 73, 272 (1994)).

Colliding microasperities

Colliding Microasperities Graphic This molecular dynamics simulation was motivated by the head-disk interface. Here are two animations showing two microasperities colliding at low Slow MAsp Movie (209 kB) and high Fast MAsp Movie (214 kB) impact velocities.
These visualizations were created using Data Explorer.

The states of tethered membranes

Tethered Membrane States Graphic

This is a presentation of various aspects of large-scale molecular-dynamics simulations of a model for tethered membranes.

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